At my core, I love finding various ways for people to enjoy their time here on earth. Whether that's sharing my favorite dish at a new restaurant, my latest trip across the world, a new thriving company, or my recent read, I love helping people discover more. 

That being said, the Marketing field is where I belong. I'm currently a Senior at the University of Utah, studying Honors Marketing with an emphasis in advertising and design. 

Fortunately, I have gained experience in many types of marketing. I learned how to promote and brand products at Great Harvest Bread Co., discovered what it takes to manage and gain followers on social media for all types of industries at 180fusion, designed and created marketing content for Grandeur Peak Global Advisors, and place my passion in writing and sharing about all different kinds of topics for Be Wise Magazine, Female Foodie, and Her Campus. For my Fall 2016 semester, I learned how marketing is used on the Congressional and Governmental side with my internship in Congresswoman Mia Love's office on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. I came back to Salt Lake and interned with the US Ski and Snowbird team at USSA as a Marketing/Events intern to learn about direct marketing with a sports-focused non-profit. Summer 2017 led me to an internship with MRM//McCann, where I learned all that I could about the ad agency world. 

Currently, I am finishing up my last semester (graduating in December 2017) and am working for AdThing at the University of Utah. I'm excited to discover what's next!

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